The Channel Bench

 The Channel Bench

The Channel Bench is a simple and sleek way to provide seating in many different areas.  Made from 2” pipe it will provide a sturdy yet affordable seating choice.  Supports are available in a variety of RAL  colors.

Also available in stand alone feature for an additional $30.

Seat height is 17”

Seat Width of 10”

4’ Channel Bench

Treated Pine   TCB-404-TP   54lbs  -  $231

Cedar        TCB-CR-404    54lbs - $247

Recycled Plastic  TCB-404-RP  94lbs - $310

6’ Channel Bench

Treated Pine  TCB-406-TP    60lbs -   $252

Cedar    TCB-406-CR    60lbs-  $279

Recycled Plastic TCB-406-RP   74lbs-   $352

8’ Channel Bench

Treated Pine   TCB-408-TP     95lbs -  $352

Cedar    TCB-408-CR    95lbs - $378

Recycled Plastic TCB-408-RP   115lbs - $447


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