Adjustable Grate Grill


The Adjustable Grate pedestal mount grill is available in two sizes: 15”x20” cooking surface or 18”x24” cooking surface.

  • Customizable grate. Can place wording in center portion of grate
  • Grate adjustable to 4 different positions
  • Box rotates 360° on a 3” Pedestal
  • Ash retaining lip
  • Anti-theft mount
  • Rounded corners
  • Continuous weld engineering
  • Optional Utility Tray mounting in the front or the back of the grill box
  • Total Height 37”

15x20” Grate 300 In² Cooking surface-

In ground mount-RAGP-1520-IG $196

Surface Mount-RSGP-1520-SM     $204


18”x 24” Grate– 420 In² Cooking surface

In ground mount-RAGP-1824-IG $255

Surface Mount-RAGP-1824-SM     $ 269


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