The Square Side Backless Bench

The Square Side Backless Bench is a simple yet elegant bench that  is made Tuff .   Made of quality 2” x 3”  rectangular tubing and heavy duty angle iron , this bench is attractive as well as sturdy. You will have the opportunity to choose your seat material from Treated Pine, Cedar, or Recycled Plastic.   This Bench is available in a variety of colors including architectural colors and RAL colors.

Shown here with brown Recycled Plastic Boards with Black Powder Coat on the base.


Dimensions: Seat height 18”

Seat Width 18”


4’ Square Side Backless Bench

Treated Pine   SSB-124-TP     90lbs -  $504

Cedar    SSB-124-CR    90lbs   -$520

Recycled Plastic SSB-124-RP  110lbs -  $552


6’ Square Side Backless Bench

Treated Pine    SSB-126-TP    115lbs - $552

Cedar    SSB-126-CR  115lbs  - $573

Recycled Plastic  SSB-126-RP  142lbs -$636


8’ Square Side Backless Bench

Treated Pine SSB-128-TP      140lbs  -  $604

Cedar        SSB-128-CR   140lbs -   $625

Recycled Plastic SSB-128-RP   178lbs -$730


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