Flare Side Bench

Backless Flare Side Bench

This backless bench is a versatile piece. The frame is made from 1.9” heavy gauge steel tubing and 1/4” angle iron making it sturdy and ready for a variety of settings.   The seat can be made from several different materials including recycled plastic boards, cedar, treated yellow pine, and untreated yellow pine.   The frame is available in a variety of colors including architectural colors and RAL colors. Contact us today and we will help find the color best suited to your design.

Pictured above is powder coated frame in gray brown with recycled plastic boards in cedar.

Seat Height: 18"

4' Flare Side Bench Options
Treated Pine         BFS-404-TP  90lbs   $485
Cedar                      BFS-404-CR  90lbs  $500
Recycled Plastic   BFS-404-RP 109lbs   $535

6' Flare Side Bench Options
Treated Pine          BFS-406-TP 125lbs   $505
Cedar                      BFS-406-CR 125lbs    $535
Recycled Plastic   BFS-406-RP  140lbs   $575

8' Flare Side Bench Options
Treated Pine          BFS-408-TP   150lbs  $565
Cedar                      BFS-408-CR  150lbs  $595
Recycled Plastic   BFS-408-RP    184lbs   $645

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