Flare Side Bench

Backless Flare Side Bench

This backless bench is a versatile piece. The frame is made from 1.9” heavy gauge steel tubing and 1/4” angle iron making it sturdy and ready for a variety of settings.   The seat can be made from several different materials including recycled plastic boards, cedar, treated yellow pine, and untreated yellow pine.   The frame is available in a variety of colors including architectural colors and RAL colors. Contact us today and we will help find the color best suited to your design.

Seat Height: 18"

4' Flare Side Bench Options
Treated Pine         BFS-404-TP  90lbs   $510
Cedar                      BFS-404-CR  90lbs  $525
Recycled Plastic   BFS-404-RP 109lbs   $562

6' Flare Side Bench Options
Treated Pine          BFS-406-TP 125lbs   $531
Cedar                      BFS-406-CR 125lbs    $562
Recycled Plastic   BFS-406-RP  140lbs   $604

8' Flare Side Bench Options
Treated Pine          BFS-408-TP   150lbs  $594
Cedar                      BFS-408-CR  150lbs  $625
Recycled Plastic   BFS-408-RP    184lbs   $678

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