Bollard Hitching Post Bike Rack


Bollard Bike Racks are perfect for the small spaces and streetscapes.  Made of quality 4” steel pipe and 1 ½ ”  tubing this bike rack will add an attractive and unique accent to your area.  Available with a surface mount or in ground mount.

This Hitching post is available in a variety of colors including architectural and RAL colors.  Also available galvanized for a surcharge.  Contact us today and we will help find the color best suited to your design.

Dimensions:                                                                             Surface Mount         Embedded

2 Bike/ 2 Loop- Approximately 18” in Length – Code BBS -403-2  $207            $173

4 Bike/ 4 Loop - Approximately 40” in Length – Code BBS -403-4  $256          $227

6 Bike/ 6 Loop - Approximately 65” in Length – Code BBS -403-6 $313           $279

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