The Backless Transit Bench

   The Backless Transit Bench

This bench is the perfect addition to parks, universities, bus stops, malls, and many other areas.  The seat is made from one a single sheet of 3/16” material that has been laser cut to form the straps increasing the strength and durability as well as creating a uniform appearance.  Each slat is 1 7/8” wide with a 1 ½” space between each. The seat is supported by a continuous 1 7/8” OD steel round tube on each side.  The bench is mounted to your area by a 2 3/8” OD round tube with a 3/8” rectangular mounting pad.   8’ benches will have a 3rd pedestal mount leg in the center of the bench for added strength and support. This bench is available with 1 3/8” OD round tube center and end armrests bars that are bolted directly to the framing for sturdiness.

All hardware is stainless steel to avoid corrosion and rusting.

Seat Width is 20”

Seat Height is 18”

4’ Backless Transit Bench w/ Arm Rests BTB-PM154A- $588

6’ Backless Transit Bench w/ Arm Rests BTB-PM156A-$658

8’ Backless Transit Bench w/ Arm Rests BTB-PM158A-$748

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